New site with a link to new music for download! and be sure to download/purchase "Love Supermarket!"

Levittown Patch article!!! Thank you Nina Ruggerio for this fantastic plug!!!

Bob Koenig announces signing

Bob is now a proud artist signed to Chrome Orange Music. See for more info.

Bob will now be starting a new project and a dynamic new band, Koenig's Road. New Material, produced and chosen by Mark and Sue Gaide Will soon make its debut. Watch for it!!!


My character, Bobkoe Nirvana, interviewed by a CNN reporter, Nomad Parx.

More on second life appearances to come.

NEW MP3's added

Newly added are my recent concert performance, and some radio shows and interviews. Please take a listen.


Bob Koenig, Long Island musician and historian, released a new CD , devoted to songs on Levittown, for the 60th anniversary.

See cover above...Photos by Monica Agosta, Cover design by Susan Gaide.


CDBABY.COM ( see link on website/music page)

Enterprise Stationery 339 Wantagh Ave, Levittown (available here for Xmas!!)

Levittown Historical Society Museum

see "press releases" for a limited MP3 of a song slated for the new CD, but was removed due to publisher.

EXTRA! See you tube video of "Little Boxes" included in the press releases section. Also a clip of "Levittown" showing some actual Levittown Sites! (In Press releases section)

Very active in the Levittown Community, as you can usually find me at meetings of the Historical Society, Community Council, Chamber of Commerce, Property Owners assoc., Friends of the Levittown Library, and the 60th Anniversary Comittee. I also operate the Levittown Historical Society Museum first Friday of every month. Stop in and say hello!

Also a member of the Lancaster Farmland Trust.

Come in and check out this website...shows where Bob is scheduled to perform, order his past musical ventures, and see photos , too!

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